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Subiaco, 102 Gloster Street

4 Bedroom42 bathroom22 parking2


Gingerbread Cottage!

This is not a fairy tale; this house actually exists on generous north facing block in our gorgeous little village. An amazing location for Shenton Park and Subiaco residents alike and the envy of every local kid at Halloween.

The house has magically grown, as previous families have expanded, providing nooks and crannies everywhere. The family living here, has been renting the home for 8 years and would love to stay. They know they might need to cast a spell on you to do so, as their lease expires in February. Or maybe you will go into a trance, dreaming of the house you will build on this enchanting block or the renovations you wish to make and let them stay for a little while longer.

Anyway, it's a charm! So don't let it go POOF with one snap of the fingers!

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